What our customers think...

It really was the trip of a lifetime for me; I am sure I will be looking at the photos I took for the rest of my life. It was an awesome ride in an awesome environment.

Ian, Mongolian Challenge 2011.

Challenging, Rewarding, Amazing. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the adventure.  I would tell anyone that is even thinking about it to make it happen, the juice is certainly worth the squeeze.

Keith, Trans-Sahara Challenge 2010

I really loved the experience and really appreciate all the effort and time put in by Kudu to make the trip great.  It was a fun group, in an amazing continent with cool bikes and things ran very smoothly!  My expectations were easily met - it now seems like it was some wonderful dream looking back in retrospect.  Thank you!

Tim, Trans-Sahara Challenge 2010

"The trip was fantastic, the route well researched and we took in some fabulous sites. The pace of the trip was just right, we were never is a big hurry and had time when we needed it. On our trip we had riders from vastly different levels of experience and they all made it and all enjoyed it. I think that speaks volumes for the effectiveness of the trip. I thought it was excellent value for money."

Scott, Round the World 2009

"This expedition was everything I expected and more. The Kudu approach allowed me to ride true motorcycle adventures on a daily basis as independently as I wanted. The reassuring presence of the support team and camaraderie of fellow riders to compare tales with only added to and enriched the experience. I have memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. What more could you ask for?"

Chris, Round the World 2009

"It completely exceeded my very high expectations... the balance of independence with the security of the superb team back up and organization was perfect for me. It certainly  wont be the last Kudu trip I do"

Gareth, Trans-Sahara Challenge 2009

"an incredible experience... I loved it and I was once again reminded that there are far more worthwhile things to do with your life than career chasing and paying off the mortgage"

Richard, Trans-Sahara Challenge 2009

"Lived up to its billing as a challenge and was never less than thrilling, well organized and great fun. The crew were excellent ... we had great bikes which dealt with the varied terrain extremely well."

Geoff , Trans-Sahara Challenge 2009

"Tough, challenging and OUTSTANDING! "

Alistair , Paris-Dakar 2009

"I feel great about the trip and I think the whole experience is very well thought though... excellent for those after more than a "holiday"

Mihir, Paris-Dakar 2009

"An incredible diversity of sights, sounds and experiences packed into two weeks - awesome!"

Alan, Trans-Sahara Winter 2009

"The ultimate tick in the box for the top 10 things to do before you die!"

Andrew, Paris-Dakar Spring 2008

"The memories will stay with me for a long time, I like the Kudu way of doing things. The support team worked incredibly hard.... thank you Kudu"

Paul , Paris-Dakar Autumn 2008

"I would just like to compliment you and your team on a well organised trip, I know that I am speaking for us all when I say we were all very impressed by your organisational skills. It was a great trip and I would, and have, recommend KUDU to anyone."

Darren, Paris-Dakar Autumn 2008

"Life changing – an incredible experience. It has taught me patience and that some things really don’t matter - don’t sweat the small stuff!"

Jacquie, Paris-Dakar Autumn 2008

"You go through all the highs and lows but it gave me a great feeling inside - it was an incredible experience!"

Jon, Paris-Dakar 2008

"A superb experience and highly recommended - short of free beer and women hard to think how to improve it!"

William, Paris-Dakar 2008

"It was a wonderful adventure that I will always remember."

Robert, Paris-Dakar 2008

"A superb remedy for a mid-life crisis... and cheaper than a young blonde"

John, Paris-Dakar 2008

"I imagine many people are eager to experience desert riding but there is something of significantly higher value here... defining a challenge and relentlessly persuing its completion. The combination of challenging roads, goats, sand, new foods, mechnanical breakdowns, highway checkpoints and new friends made memories to be cherished for a lifetime."

Andy, Dakar-Paris 2008

"A packed 3 weeks that left me wondering why I hadn't done it earlier... Loved it!"

Clive, Dakar-Paris 2008

"Very professionally handled by the team... I plan to go back time and time again - you showed me the way!"

Urban, Dakar-Paris 2008

"The trip was a truly memorable experience which I’ll never forget. Freedom, adventure, sunshine and motorcycles – is there a better holiday to be had?! I rode a motorcycle in Africa despite having had my licence for little over a year and never setting a wheel off road in my life! The expedition was run professionally and every unexpected situation was dispatched with the minimum of fuss. If I could get the time off – I’d book again in a heartbeat! Thankyou."

Graham, Paris-Dakar 2007

"The whole experience was an adventure, not a holiday - THANK GOODNESS!! Loved every minute of it - thank you all very much."

Andy, Paris-Dakar 2007

"Kudu Expeditions are in the life-changing business... you just HAVE to do it"

Steve, Paris-Dakar 2007

"A fantastic adventure that was well prepared and well run throughone of the most difficult parts of theworld to travel."

Wayne, Trans-Africa Expedition 2007

"...life changing...? YES!"

Pete, Trans-Africa Expedition 2007

"... a fantastic Experience that I will never forget..."

Karl, Trans-Africa Expedition 2007

"...it remains the highpoint of my life in the “adventure” realm, and for that I’ll always be grateful...I will NEVER forget or regret my 4 months of primal African Adventure...do it, before you die!"

Tony, Trans-Africa Expedition 2007

"I'm writing to say a big 'Thank You' for such an enjoyable trip...to see Africa in all its splendour was fabulous. I learned so much about Africa and its people which is worth so much to me. Thankyou for such a life changing experience!"

Dan, Trans-Africa Expedition 2006

"Lee was fantastic, what a leader! It was a fantastic trip, I wish I'd done the whole thing... I loved all the off-road bits - the Sahara, Timbuktu and especially the independence of exploring Dogon Country on my own. I've definitely come back happier!"

Mathew, U.K. to Ghana Expedition 2006

"...the professionalism, competence and general good humour with which every, sometimes testing situation was dealt with was always first class....it was, as promised, an experience of a lifetime and assuming you let me on one of your bikes again, one that I would love to be a part of again..."

Ken, Paris-Dakar Expedition 2006

"A most amazing experience seeing the different cultures close up and intimate. I feel my life, world vision and perspective has been greatly expanded. This is a challenge to be remembered for a lifetime. Thanks to everyone for their planning, attention to detail and leadership. Hopefully, in the future, more fellow Americans can experience this expedition."

Gary, Paris-Dakar Expedition 2006

"Exhilarating and exhausting. The most surreal 3 days of my life, seeing 9 motorbikes travelling on sand at 70mph billowing clouds of dust was fantastic!"

Martin, Paris-Dakar Expedition 2006