Self-Ride Expeditions



There are many reasons why a self-ride adventure may be preferable for you and you can now take this option on selected trips. Perhaps you prefer not to travel in a group, or maybe our trips do not run at a convenient time for you. Whatever the reason, we know that many riders prefer to have their own adventures on their own terms. With our self-ride options this is now a real possibility and you can benefit from all the expertise at Kudu Expeditions - the world leaders in real motorcycle adventures.

How it works

Self-ride options are available on either your own or fully prepared Kudu bikes and prices vary. We provide pre-trip training, GPS routes and navigation, carnets for Kudu bikes, book key accommodation for you and provide mechanic, administrative and medical back-up from our UK based offices. Below you will see more detail on the options available to you. Everything is designed to send you on an adventure of a lifetime fully prepared, but without the constraints of group travel. Enjoy the freedom of independent adventures knowing you have the best in the business in support.


You may either opt to ride your own bike, or purchase a Kudu bike. We have BMW F800GS and also Yamaha XT660 Tenere bikes available, fully prepared, serviced and ready to go complete with crash protection, pannier systems, tools, handlebar mounted GPS and UK based spares support with pre-trip bike maintenance and repair training. When you opt to purchase a Kudu bike then it comes ready to go - all you need to provide is your own personal kit. We take care of Carnets, documentation, shipping and everything else. Obviously once on your way we wont be able to provide a Kudu mechanic at the drop of a hat, but we will be able to provide expert support and assistance by telephone and e-mail if you should require it from our base in the UK. We can ship parts to you, and normally organise local mechanic assistance to get you back on your way as quickly as possible. Buy back options for your motorcycle are also available on completion of your trip.

Kit and equipment

Other than the bike's equipment, you will need to provide your own personal kit, such as tent and stove if you will be camping, clothing and riding kit. The self-ride information pack gives suggested kit lists, and you will receive your panniers before departure to be able to pack for the adventures to come. If you prefer us to provide certain things for you then we are more than happy to help and please contact us for more information.

Pre-trip training

This is a vital aspect of the self-ride option and it enables you to really get to grips with all aspects of the adventures to come, from maintaining and carrying out basic repairs on the bike, using your GPS navigation system and riding off road for certain trips. All training is held at our premises in the UK and although is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. We're sure you'll agree that is a very good idea, not only for the success and smooth running of your trip, but more importantly for your personal safety throughout. Click here to get more information on the training packages that we provide.

On trip support

Clearly, once you are on your way you will be without the comprehensive on-trip support that we provide for our group adventures. When you encounter problems (which we can guarantee you will - these are real adventures) then you will need to be pro-active in resolving them. Our UK team will do what we can within reason to assist you, whether it is quickly sourcing a spare part and shipping it to you, locating the nearest mechanic, or generally giving you as much help as we can to get you back on track as quickly and efficiently as possible. We not only know the routes which you will be riding extremely well, but we also have a broad network of tour operators, mechanics and contacts which we can call upon to help you. You'll be amazed at how quickly an apparently insurmountable problem can be resolved - this kind of expertise is what we provide for you.


What next?

Once you have settled on the self-ride option that is best for you, please familiarise yourself with the relevant Information Pack and also our Terms and Conditions. These documents set out clearly how the self ride option works and include important information concerning what is and is not included in price, as well as what level of assistance you can expect if things go wrong - please read through them carefully. You can see the various options with prices on the relevant Self-Ride Prices and Booking page and when you are ready, you can book online too. We recommend that before booking you get in contact with us to chat over the trip you would like to do, and go through all aspects of the big adventure to come.