Trans-Africa Expedition

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Trip Overview

In 4 months you will cross the length of the world’s toughest and most amazing continent from north to south. Cross the mighty Sahara, visit the diverse, chaotic and colourful towns and cities of West Africa, negotiate the remote and beautiful rainforests of Central Africa before experiencing the stunning mountains of Angola. Indulge yourself on Safari in the world’s greatest game parks in Southern Africa, before relaxing on the beach in Cape Town and realising that after this adventure you will never quite be the same person again.


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Duration 4 Months
Distance Approx 17,000 miles
Countries Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Mali,
  Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria,
  Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, DR Congo, Angola, Namibia,
  Botswana, South Africa.
Approx off-road dist. 2,500 miles
Wild camping 40% wild camps
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Sahara Kids

Trip Highlights

  • Day one - feel the nervous excitement and thrilling sense of disbelief as you line up for the group photo in London at the start of your ride-of-a-lifetime.
  • Wandering through the vibrant and bustling markets of Marrakech in Morocco.
  • Camping out under the stars as you head deeper into the Sahara.
  • Practicing your sand riding techniques in the beautiful coastal region around the town of Guilmim in Morocco.
  • The Sahara Desert crossing - 3 unforgettable, challenging days out in the wild, well and truly off the main highway!
  • Washing the dust out of your hair after the epic ride to Timbuktu in Mali.
  • Chatting around the fire about the day’s adventures during nights spent camping out in the African bush.
  • Meeting some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world in Gabon and Congo.
  • Angola - tough, rewarding travelling through this once war-torn country.
  • Experience scenery so breathtaking you will need to pinch yourself as you ride along in the vast emptyness of Namibia.
  • Enjoy all the sights and sounds of Africa "off the beaten track" in Zambia and Botswana.
  • Ride down to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa - the end of 4 months of life-changing, unforgettable adventure.

In Africa things change fast; borders close, visas are refused for unknown reasons and routes become impassable.  Although we will strive to overcome all obstacles the organisers reserve the right to alter the routes from the ones listed here.


Pre-Expedition Training

We at Kudu take great pride in running thoroughly professional expeditions which are open to anyone with a desire to challenge themselves and what they are capable of.  You do not need to be a highly experienced motorcyclist, off-road expert or have a huge amount of adventurous travel experience.  With Kudu's unique pre-expedition and en-route training, all included in the price, you can begin the toughest challenge of your life well prepared for what lies ahead.

Expedition orientation (1 day):

  • Meet the Kudu team and each other
  • Equipment familiarisation
  • Route familiarisation
  • GPS training
  • Expedition administration

Off Road training (2 days):

  • Dedicated off-road instruction and practice

Mechanics and first aid (1 Day):

  • Motorcycle maintenance
  • Basic motorcycle repair
  • Puncture repair
  • First Aid training


The Bikes

You can either use a Kudu bike or your own on this expedition. Kudu use the new Yamaha XT660 Tenere. Fully Expedition prepared, they are strong, comfortable bikes with a reliable and powerful single cylinder 660cc engines. In our opinion they are the best bikes for the job. If you have your own bike and want to bring it then please feel free - see the Prices and Booking page for full details and costs.



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Is this trip for me?

We at Kudu Expeditions pride ourselves on striving to make these amazing adventures accessible to all, irrespective of background or experience. We do this by talking to our customers, and making sure that they have a good understanding of what the expedition entails before they commit to it. We also run pre-trip training which is included in the price.

For more information on this package, please see the Training page. If you are as inspired by the thought of undertaking such an adventure as we are, but have concerns about how suitable you may be, simply either e-mail or phone us, and together we will be able to find out if this kind of adventure is for you – you may just surprise yourself!