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Welcome to the world of Kudu Expeditions. Here you can find out exactly who we are, and why we think we can offer you the most exciting, life-changing and adventurous trips offered anywhere in the world. Read on to discover just how we are able to run our incredible expeditions through the most remote, beautiful and unspoiled regions on earth. For press articles about KUDU please visit the media page .

We have been at the forefront of motorcycle adventures since our inception back in 2005. So far we have run tours from London to Cape Town twice, and in 2009 took a total of 27 riders all the way around the world from London to New York on our RTW 09 Expeditions. Browse our website to get a feel for the unparalleled experience and expertise that we have within our organisation. Put simply, you are in the hands of the best.

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Our Staff

We at Kudu Expeditions have a policy of employing not only enthusiasts, but professionals. That means that the person who is leading your expedition will be highly experienced, the person working on your bike will be a professional mechanic and our medics are qualified to do their job to a high standard. Quite simply no other company out there who can draw upon such an in-depth knowledge of vehicle based African and Global travel.

Kudu and Riders (Riders for Health) - Charity Sponsorship

We are a profit making organisation and all of our business activities are financed by ourselves and our customers. Our link to charity is solely through our additional fundraising activities. If you would like any more information on exactly who we are and what our relationship with Riders is then please get in contact with us. If you would like to donate then click the logo to download our charity sponsorship pack which has more information on exactly what Riders do, and how we raise money for them. Please donate as little as £10 and help this very worthwhile cause.

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Telephone +44(0)1929 427744 or e-mail info@kuduexpeditions.com